Chromecast TV Slideshow

Cast Photos & Music from folders on your Desktop to your TV with an easy to use application for Google Chrome

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PictaCast Chrome App - UI
Multiple Modes

Multiple Display Modes

Photos can be displayed in fullscreen or in picture wall mode. Four wall modes are available with varying tile amounts & sizes. Pictures can be casted in sequence or shuffled.

Background Music

Background Music

Add your own MP3 files for background playback during a slideshow.

Mobile Uploads

Mobile Uploads *

You can let people on the same Wi-Fi network upload photos from their mobile device or tablet to PictaCast with no additional app installation required.
This one's a real party favorite!

* Not Available on Chromebooks

Error: “Cannot play music on Chromecast. Please check your firewall settings.”
For PictaCast to work correctly your Chromecast device needs to be able to communicate with your desktop computer. Make sure your firewall allows inbound connections on TCP Port 8011.
The full version of PictaCast is a separate application from the trial version. Make sure you're launching the correct version of the app from the Chrome App Launcher.
Should your Chromecast device not appear in the device list try restarting your Chrome Browser. If that does not work please follow these instructions by Google.